How to spy Android phone without installing software

How to spy Android phone without installing software

Spy on Android phone with best spying tool PhoneSpyware

Today everyone has a smartphone and android mobile. Use of android mobile has increased in recent years. With the increased use of mobiles, the tensions of parents have also increased. Parents remain worried about what their kids are doing on the phone. Are they studying or completing a project or they are simply wasting time playing games and music? To make parents tension free and to lets them keep eyes on their kid’s phone we have come up with a solution.

Spy on Android phone with best spying tool PhoneSpyware

Spy on Android phone with best spying tool PhoneSpyware

In the play stores today there are a number of spyware and hack tool are available. This spyware is built for helping parents in keeping eyes on their kid’s phone. Spyware is software which tracks the real-time activity of target person done on their phone. This software can run easily on an android device and can be used to monitor both Android and iPhone device. Spyware offers a number of features using which a user is able to collect different information about the target phone.

Parents can make use of such spyware and monitor their kid’s phone activity 24×7. Make sure you download and install such software which is not needed to be installed in the target device. This is because such software which requires installation on the target phone is easily detectable. Target person and detect and uninstall the device.

PhoneSpyware is one such software which does not require installation on the target phone. This software is ideal for monitoring an android device. The user can download this app on their phone and make a user account through which they can easily track target device activity. This app allows you to monitor as well as control the target device. Hence, parents can control their kid’s device and restrict them from using certain apps on their phone which seems inappropriate.

Why use PhoneSpyware

This software is the most demanding app in the market. This app offers you all the basic as well as advanced features to its user. A user can get complete access to the target device from any corner of the world using PhoneSpyware. Also, target device can never detect that someone is spying on them as this software is completely hidden. This app is also the most trustable app as it is free from the risk of virus and offers great customer support services.

Features of PhoneSpyware

Here have given the list of features of PhoneSpyware. You can see this list and understand the functioning of this spyware.

  • Call recording One of the most attractive features of this app is call recording. Parents can keep a record of the phone calls coming on their kid’s phone. PhoneSpyware record phone calls in high quality and uploads it to the user’s control panel. A parent can access the control panel anytime and listen to the phone calls.
  • SMS spy– this feature of this app allows the user to view the SMS messages stored in the target android phone. You can view SMS messages with contact number, name, date and time stamp in your control panel. Time to time recording of SMS messages takes place by this spyware.
  • GPS tracker– parents can now keep eye on the location of their kid and can know where their kids go when they are not at home. Parents can track their kid’s phone location and also see the name and address of the place where their kids are present.
  • Browser history spy– to know what content is viewed on a web browser by the target person, a user can use this feature. Parents can use this feature to make sure that their kids aren’t viewing any adult content or any other inappropriate content on the web.  PhoneSpyware tracks full browser history along with the date and time stamp.
  • Social media account spy– if a person holds social media account like Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram then with the help of this feature you will be able to track their account and full chats, shared media, saved media, searched media. You can also hack Facebook and Instagram password of your kid’s account using this feature.
  • Keylogger if you wish to hack password and patterns of the target device then use a keylogger. A keylogger can record patterns and password accurately and send the recorded content to the control panel.


All of the above features are offered in PhoneSpyware. You can make a subscription in order to use these features. You can also record the surrounding sounds of the target phone by making hidden calls. This is another brilliant feature of PhoneSpyware. You can download PhoneSpyware at:

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