How to spy iPhone without having target phone

How to spy iPhone without having target phone

Learn how iPhone spying is easy without target phone

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Learn how iPhone spying is easy without target phone

Learn how iPhone spying is easy without target phone

Spy apps are in the picture since the introduction of mobile devices. The spywares have improved over the years to become most efficient apps. Since then, what users have been waiting for is a way where they need not to even access the suspect’s device to spy on them. Finally, this has become possible as now users are no longer required to spy on iPhone by accessing it.

Many of users still believe that jailbreaking an iPhone device is only a way to spy. Nobody wants to take a risk of jailbreaking especially when the device belongs to other users. Anything wrong can cause trouble and void the device warranty. So, how this is possible?

Can’t access an iPhone, here’s still a solution

IOS device has iCloud as a storage solution where all the device data is saved. This gives us a way to access their without having a real or physical access. This also eliminates the need of installing the spy app. but, how to take leverage of iCloud?

Simply by using their iCloud space however it means that all that you need is Apple ID and password of the suspect or target’s iPhone. If the target is your child or partner then getting these credentials is pretty easy.

iCloud Backup

However, first get a backup of the iCloud as it is very essential for remote spying. This is pretty simple, here is the procedure:

  • Go to iCloud from the settings
  • Fill the credentials and sign in
  • Wait for few seconds and let the device verify the user
  • Turn on all the features leaving keychain option
  • Click on backup

Backup is now done; it’s time to remotely spy the iPhone device. Here is step by step guide.

Remote spying via PhoneSpyware

You cannot begin spying without a spy app. so, get the PhoneSpyware from the and begin with the steps mentioned in the guide.

Step 1: buy the subscription

Get the subscription of the PhoneSpyware. When you download the app an activation code will be given. Users are required to register and get the credentials for login. Make sure that the backup is already done.

Step 2: login to the dashboard

Visit the website of PhoneSpyware via your device or computer. Use the login credentials to enter into the web account. Access the dashboard and follow the next step.

Step 3: use the iCloud credentials

Fill the credentials of iCloud account of the target. Wait for few hours during which the entire data of the iPhone will be uploaded on the server of PhoneSpyware. After upload, users can view the data from remote location.

Step 4: check the dashboard menu

The dashboard menu of the PhoneSpyware has different tabs like call logs, text messages, social media chats, location tracking, photos and videos tracking and more. Click on any of them as per your choice to view the data.

These 4 steps will let you spy over iPhone without any access.

Is there any other ways of spying without jailbreak?

Yes, ways were always there but reliability of those ways is not guaranteed. Moreover, they are risky and expensive thus they are not commercially available for common person. Few spy tools are only designed for big and governmental organizations. So, spy apps are recommended more for commoners.

Why it is the best solution?

Reasons are endless so we will only explain the few and most important one for your satisfaction.

  • 100% unrecognizable- a spy app should be undetectable in any ways making spying comfortable for users. PhoneSpyware is 100% unrecognizable.
  • Access to variety of data- PhoneSpyware gives access to wide variety of data whereas other methods are good for only single purpose.
  • Access to delete information- few spy apps and other solutions have no track of deleted information whereas PhoneSpyware has.


So, go get it now and unlock the features of PhoneSpyware.

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